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XD! New Phone!

Posted on September 23, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Bought a new phone today , online. It’s not a new model or anything but it certainly delivers. Mp3 player, radio, bluetooth, camera with flash, video recording, video messaging, picture messaging etc. Should get it fairly soon any ways its this one, Sony Ericsson K700i.

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College – First Week

Posted on September 19, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

My first week of college took some getting used to, I’ve settled in now. Just hard to arrange other important things in my life around it really. Work out in the end.Next time I’m in photograhy I’ll try and grab some of me photos and show ya’s. I’m enjoying photography, though i really need my own camera well…I did have one..I kind of dropped it and broke the screen lol! Wasn’t good enough anyways. Not sure when I can get another.Anyways today I had 3 hours of maths, meh, was alright like, not as bad as school. That’s all for now.

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College – Photography

Posted on September 16, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Had my first photography were we took pictures today. Had to pair up and take some photographs of each other, a project called ‘face-value’. The point was to capture how the person is and feels emotionally in each of the pictures, which we had to get 40 in total of. Was quite good actually . I had a play round with one of the photographs in school on the an emac and I think it looks quite nice. I’m just going to see what I can do to the rest. I’ll sure try to upload some if I can get some to turn out good. I’ll keep you informed in my journals .

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College – Real Day

Posted on September 12, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Today was actually a real day as we have started are timetables now.This is what I have;Mondays – 3 lessons of Maths.Tuesday – 2 lessons of psychology. 2 lessons of English.Wednesday – Tutor, Then lesson like P.S.E I think, 1 lesson of Photography.Thursday – 2 lessons of English, 1 lesson of maths.Friday – 3 lessons of Photography, 2 lessons of psychology.On first day I didn’t really it. But now I’ve settled in I actually like , just the early mornings that get me . lol.

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College – More Real Day

Posted on September 10, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Had college today, it was more of a real day. Still not yet though. Just for today had maths first lesson then last lesson photography. Nothing inbetween lol. I can’t wait to start getting into photography always exited me. We start are first assignment on wednesday . We have to capture a picture of a partner but there has to be more to the picture, showing an emotion and also an interesting why of caputuring it. Should be good. Thats it for now!

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College – Induction Day (After)

Posted on September 8, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

So yeah was my Induction day yesterday. Got the College bus with my mates. When we got there we had to go to are tutor groups. There we were told what was going on, got are timetables and things. Rest of the day we went to different lessons and were told about them, how it was, and what they expected. It seemed okay. We start real leasons tomorrow.Really can’t wait to start doing photography . Always wanted to and will defiantly try and get photographs I take up here.

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College – Induction Day

Posted on September 7, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

So its 7:15am got up at half 6. I have my College induction day today. We go to see what tutor were in, get timetables and they show us around, so we no the place. Meeting mates at 8am to get the bus.Not nervous really, just wondering what it’s going to be like. Not much else to say, I’ll write another journal when I get back, say how it went.Also found at my mate Ben is in my classes, lol, was kind of thinking it would be crap, becuase of me not knowing anyway but should be fine now anyways.

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