UK – Will anything be personal after 2009?

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UK – Will anything be personal after 2009?

I was reading a national newspaper yesterday and it says the government plans to record and track everything you do on the internet, phone, and basically most things by 2009. Yes I am aware that they can already be done on certain levels, however this is much more of a scale it means they want by 2009 to have access to every single site that you have been on, be able to look at any account you have, will be able to read every email you send and recieve, instant messages even phone calls will be recorded from home and mobile (cell) and be able to track were and when you said it. They may also be placing small microphones around cities so everything is recorded of what people are saying. Even the cameras are going to far, the average person in the UK is caught on 300 cameras a day. How disturbing.

In my opinion this is totally wrong. If you have no criminal record, no convictions and are not a suspect you should not be recorded like this, I agree with most of the cameras as this is generally for safety but some of these things are stupid. If your are an ex-con or under suspicion they yes I think its right but why people who are good hard working citizens that have done nothing wrong. Why should everything be like that?


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